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Make social media work for your business

If we had a dollar for every time someone told us social media wasn’t delivering the outcomes they had hoped for their business…Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, but this power needs to be wielded in the right hands to get results. As the leading social media marketing agency in Sydney, that’s us.

Build an engaged following quickly and expose your brand to previous, current and prospective customers — all using social media’s huge global reach. Our social media experts have helped hundreds of businesses grow with effective social media strategies that deliver across every part of the customer journey, from awareness and consideration to purchase, loyalty, and beyond.


Connecting you directly to your customers

Social media should be the voice of your brand online. It’s where you talk to your customers, build a relationship with them, encourage them to spread the word, and leverage engaging content to drive traffic to your website. That’s why our social media strategies are an extension of your brand, not a separate entity.

As your social media management agency we work with you to develop content that grabs the attention of your users, creates a positive reaction, and makes it easier to seal the deal come conversion time. Our social media managers use the incredible targeting tools available on social media to help you reach existing and potential followers, with the goal to make them fall in love with your brand — and buy, buy, buy.


Increase conversions through word-of-mouth

Loyalty can’t be overstated in the digital age. Customers trust recommendations from their peers more than brands, and social media is where those recommendations happen. We help you leverage existing happy customers to drive future growth using the power of social proof.

From customer testimonials to client reviews, competitions, and recommendations, we get your followers to spread the word like wildfire online. Greater brand visibility? Check. Higher audience engagement? Check. Improved conversion rate? Checkmate. It’s what makes us the best social media marketing agency in Sydney.

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Trigger Traffic


Our team of experts have experience across hundreds of different brands, covering almost every sector and industry.

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With our powerful mix of ingredients Trigger Trafic will stir up an exceptional strategy guaranteed to have an impact on your brand. 

Strength In Numbers

With millions of impressions and tens of thousands of clicks generated each month, we are able to share live learnings.


We love to share. Whether it’s tips & tricks for day-to-day social campaigns or diving into analytics, we can teach you any aspect.

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